Does my child need to have any  tennis experience to join Ignite?

Nope! We take in students of all experience levels and starting from as young as 5 years old. Our programmes are tailored according to ITF’s Recommended Play & Stay – Red, Orange and Green Ball programmes, which eases your child into the game before they are introduced to more advanced techniques. 

How long is 1 term?

For Red, Orange, Yellow and Green groups, 1 term consists of 13 weeks. For Spark and Flame, 1 term consists of 4 weeks. You may see our term dates for this year here.

How much does it cost per lesson/term?

The fees vary for the different groups, and also depends on how many times a week you wish to schedule. You may find out about the fees for each individual group here.

What are the group lesson timings?

The timings for different groups also vary. You may find out the timings for each group here.

What happens if it rains?

In the event of rain, our admin will inform you  30 minutes before the lesson to cancel. In the event a lesson is cancelled due to inclement weather, students are expected to arrange to make up the lesson (subject to availability). If the lesson is more than midway through, there will be no make up. 

Will make up lessons expire?

Make up lessons must be arranged within 3 months of the end of term. Lessons not made up within 3 months will expire.

Substitutions are not allowed and lessons cannot be transferred to another player.