Terms and Conditions


1) Payment

Ignite must receive the full payment of programme fees prior to commencement date of a programme.

Programme fees will be pro-rated accordingly for students who enrol into the programme mid-way through the term.

A one-month deposit is to be paid upon signing up for Spark and Flame lessons. As we require at least one month's notice of withdrawal from these programmes, this one-time deposit (for 4 lessons) will serve to offset the following month's fees upon notice of withdrawal.

2) Cancellation

Ignite has a 24 hour cancellation policy. Parents should inform Ignite at least 24 hours prior to a scheduled lesson if student is unable to attend the lesson. Students may arrange to make up before or after the reserved lesson (subject to availability).

For last minute cancellation (<24 hours) due to sickness, a medical certificate must be produced to arrange a make up class. Ignite reserves the right to forfeit a lesson should no medical certificate be produced.

If there is a no-show, the lesson will be forfeited with no make up or refund.

3) Inclement Weather

In the event a lesson is cancelled due to inclement weather, students are expected to arrange to make up the lesson (subject to availability). If the lesson is more than midway through, there will be no make up or refund.

4) Expiry of Lessons

Make up lessons must be arranged within 3 months of the end of term. Lessons not made up within 3 months will expire.

Substitutions are not allowed and lessons cannot be transferred to another player.

5) Withdrawal

 Students are required to inform Ignite at least one month in advance before withdrawing from the Spark or Flame programme.

There will be no refund for unused lessons after withdrawal.

The one-month deposit will be forfeited if one-month notice is not given.