About Us

It’s not about how much money we make.
It’s about how many lives we impact here at Ignite.

Jaime Wong, Founder and Head Coach


It Only Takes A Spark. That's our belief.

That in each of us, there is a desire to achieve more in whatever we do. 


Given the right environment,

individuals can be motivated to learn and challenged to reach higher and go further. 


Nurturing talent and building character are equally important goals for us.

The true measure of the best in any sport is in defeat as much as it is in victory.


Individual needs and aspirations

are central in the design of our programmes. 


The privilege and opportunity

of having been exposed to intensive tennis training programmes is an experience we wish to share and to pass on through Ignite Tennis Academy.


Envisioning the possibilities, unleashing the potential and igniting the spirit

That's what we do.